Not Sure What to Expect at a Massage Parlor? Here’s a Guide

Woman getting massage at massage parlor

Over the years we’ve found that to improve health, you need to think of the whole body— because everything is connected!  Massage therapy is an excellent way to improve circulation in the body, and increase a sense of well-being.  In this post, we’ll share what you can expect by going to a massage parlor.

After a recent trip to Kansas City for a healthy conference, I decided to see what the city had to offer in terms of massage therapists.  Between conference sessions, I decided to experiment with a few massage parlors, and finally found the massage spa in Kansas City which offered exactly what I was seeking to relax and allow the day to unfold.  If you’ve never received a professional massage, here are some tips to guide you for your first experience.

When it comes to massage therapy, lots of options are available.  To name a few, here are some considerations:

Do you know that there is more to massage than relaxation and pampering? This guide is for men and woman who want to visit the massage parlor for a relaxing experience but have never done this before, and lack the information on what to expect. Firstly, you don’t have to be afraid because you are fat, shy, or even ugly. These massage therapy experts have seen it all.  Do your best to look clean, smell nice, and you’ll have a great experience.

Choosing a Massage Parlor

Perhaps, you already know a place, but if not, you can go online and search for one.  Search for words like, “massage parlor.”  You don’t want to accidentally bump into just any massage provider, so make sure you do your research.  Make sure you check their site to know when they are open.  A good massage parlor would never wait till it’s late to open.

Also, find one, in a less crowded area (preferably empty area), so you can enter and leave without anyone’s consent.

Entering the Massage Parlor

On entering the massage parlor, you’ll be received instantly by the masseuse. If not, tap the desk bell and one of them will get to you. She will ask if you need their massage service, just reply with a “yes”. Don’t be one of those guys and talk about inappropriate acts. These massage parlors are upstanding establishments and that kind of talk will get you kicked out.

Follow the masseuse as she leads you to the main room. She will request for payment based on their basic price (though you can at this time discuss more add-on treatments).

Ensure you go with CASH, your debit card is not advisable.  After that, she will allow you into the room and the masseause will leave the room. Now, here is the time to take off your clothes. Lie flat on the table/bed and wait while she comes back. She may ask if you need a shower, if you want, go take your shower and come back to lie on the table/bed. You don’t have to tell her, “I’m done with showering”. Wait a minute till she comes back and locks the door.

Massage and Add-on Service

Firstly, she will start with massaging your back. Minutes after, she might flip you over to the front so she can massage your chest. During this time if you are having aches and pains in certain areas, feel free to tell your masseuse to be a little rougher in those areas to work out the pain. Afte rall, that’s what going to a massage is all about– feeling better afterwards!

After your treatment, make sure to leave a tip and thank her. If you enjoyed your treatment make sure to get her name for next time. It helps to go back to the same masseuse time after time so she gets familiar with your style.

Next Steps

There are a lot of massage parlors out there so make sure you do your homework and choose a legit one. Clean up and look good before going. If you do these things, you’ll have a great experience and keep coming back.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to getting a massage for the first time.  Have these tips helped you to take the next step?  Let us know if you have any tips/ideas for finding the perfect massage parlor by contacting us today!

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