Delicious, Very Low Carb, Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Today I want to talk about how I make this low carb bacon cheeseburger soup. All the flavors you love about bacon cheeseburgers in a soup. You’ll need a half a pound of bacon. I’m using an American style streaky bacon, but you can use whatever you like. Two pounds of ground chuck is what the the recipe calls for, but you can just use ground beef or minced beef anything will work. One quarter cup of onion that’s already chopped. Then you need 32 ounces, which is almost a liter, of beef broth. I’m just going to make my own using this beef powder, but you can use regular beef stock or broth if you have that on hand. I will need one can of diced tomatoes and two dill pickle spears, which is chopped finely. Three tablespoons of mustard, three tablespoons of sugar free ketchup, I’m using a reduced sugar that’s just what I happen to have on hand today, but to keep the carbs as low as possible use the no sugar ketchup. One teaspoon of liquid smoke, then we need xanthan gum and that’s just a 1/2 teaspoon just to help the soup to thickness. It’s optional though if you don’t have that on hand this will still work fine. Eight ounces of American cheese slices and four ounces of cream cheese

What you’ll need is a large frying pan and I’ve got that preheating over medium high heat and I start cooking the bacon. Once the bacon is crispy I remove it from the pan and place it on some paper towels in a plate to remove the excess grease. Keep the heat on the pan of grease because we’re just going to put the onions and the beef right in there and start browning them. I’m not even going to drain the grease because I actually want that bacon flavor in the soup. You can’t you want. Then I add the beef and the onion. I cook the beef until it’s mostly brown with a little tiny bit of pink here and there but it’s going to cook for another half hour. Transfer that mixture to a super hot pot or you could use a Dutch oven or whatever you’ve got. To that we’re going to add the tomatoes and mustard and that’s all.

It just says to cook that over low heat for 30 minutes and doesn’t say whether to cover it or not. I’m going to. It’s looking really good and I didn’t take off the lid. Take off the lid for the last half an hour and let it could down that liquid to thicken the soup. I then add the cheese. Stir it in and wait until it melts. Now we’re going to add the cream cheese in small chunks so it can melt faster and more evenly. The cheese is all melted and nicely stirred through so I remove the pot from the heat. So there you have it bacon cheeseburger soup. It’s pretty darn good so give it a try.

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