Don’t Let Your Low Carb Diet Disappear During Thanksgiving


It is certainly difficult to stick to a low carb diet during the holidays, particularly on Thanksgiving. The lavish and decadent side dishes, such as corn pudding and green bean casserole, are some of the biggest temptations that beg to ruin your diet, but you need to hang in there and stick to your guns. So in this article we are going to discuss some of the low carb meals you can eat during this period so you don’t feel like you are missing out on the fun.

Apple-wood Smoked Turkey

This meal contains only about 11.6 grams of carbs and the apple-wood chip gives it a mildly fruity and sweet flavor that will leave you yearning for more. You can also opt to smoke the turkey with some alder wood or cherry chips for a more sumptuous smoked flavor.

Shrimp with Buttermilk Remolata

If cocktail sauce and pre-boiled shrimp is your usual starter in most of your Thanksgiving gatherings, you may opt to change things a little by trying broiled shrimp with peppery remolata (also known as Remoulade) dipping sauce (a home-made option that normally takes a few minutes to make and tastes far better, and contains low amounts of sodium). Just like cocktail sauce, Remolata derives its sharp kick from horseradish, though can also use Creole mustard. Please don’t get rid of the shrimp tails as it makes for easy handling.

Pearl Onions with Balsamic Glazed Green Beans

It has also been said that a perfect plate is the one dotted with several different colors. You can achieve this by making good use of vegetables. One such vegetable is the late night green beans. This vegetable is fresh, easy and it helps in enhancing digestion. You can spice up your green beans with some balsamic vinegar and pearl onions to give this popular side dish some unique and appealing flavor. Tasty and sumptuous; this meal is simple and yet elegant. While it normally takes approximately 10 minutes to prepare the green beans, it takes roughly 30 minutes to chop and peel the onions. It is therefore wise to prepare the onions way early before you start the real cooking.

Protein Filled Cheese Board

You can make a protein filled cheese board by having a mixture of small amounts of nuts, chocolate, fruits (in this case your can have strawberries) and cheese. You can have this as a dessert or an appetizer. Cheese and nuts contains quite an amount of protein while the chocolate and fruits brings in some degree of sweetness that will go a long way in satisfying your cravings. Apart from providing you with some amounts of proteins, a cheese board also contains some 390 milligrams of calcium thanks to the chocolate, nuts and cheese.


These are only but a few of the meals with few carbs you can take during this Thanksgiving. Turkey as stated has approximately 4 to 11 grams carbs, while the rest, protein filled cheese board, green beans and shrimp have little to no carbs. So you can enjoy Thanksgiving while maintain your diet. Enjoy!

I know you have other recipes so please share!

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