Fajas Colombianas And Where to Buy Premium Shapewear From Colombia

In a world where looks are as important as today, shapewear and its effect on body shape was no stranger to the ladies as it can make them beautiful and sexy. A variety of shapes and sizes, from full-body jumpsuits to tight belly bands, for women as well as men, have been provided on the market. And one of the most widely used shapewear today is fajas colombianas. So what exactly is this shapewear? 

On our blog, we cover a lot of topics for how to be healthy, and now we’re covering what looking healthy is all about! In this post, I’m going to provide you with some basic information about fajas colombianas including what it is, the benefit of it and also where you can find new shapewear to buy. 

What is fajas colombianas 

Fajas Colombianas is a Spanish term that is used to refer to body shapers manufactured in Colombia. It was first used in medical after surgery to reduce swelling and ensure that the patient skin is tightened in a proper way. However, the use of it has been extended to the general female population as a shortcut to a curvaceous body.

Why you should own one

With fajas colombianas, you can easily and quickly achieve a “coke bottle” shape. 

Firstly, when wearing it, the organs in your body will be moved down safely, and at the same time, the bottom ribs will be brought in, which results in a smaller waist as that two parts are closer together. 

Secondly, fajas strengthen your posture, lower back muscles, and reduce your appetite. In addition, if you wear it while working out, it can help you burn fat effectively with a thermogenic effect on the abdomen.

Where can you buy the perfect fajas colombianas

Sexy FC is a premiere apparel company of Latin-inspired clothing. Sexy FC’s goal is to help you wear your clothes in a more glamorous and sexy way every single day by providing you with the most suitable shapewear. 

With the high-quality fajas as well as the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can now confidently find your favorite shapewear and be completely satisfied with your choices. 

What types of fajas that Sexy FC provide

On this store, various shapewear options are provided for you to choose from. More specifically, all the products are divided into four main categories, which are Plus Size, Reduce Belly, and Sport Fajas, and After Surgery. 

Plus Size

Plus Size collection

As one of the premier online providers for plus size fajas on the market, Sexy FC understands that finding the perfect faja is not always easy, especially with plus size women. That why all fajas colombianas of Sexy FC are sourced and designed to meet the demands of the majority of plus-sized women.

You will surely look stunning with these sexy fajas.

Reduce Belly 

Reduce Belly collection

The main use of products in this collection is to help make your abdomen or tummy to be flat and keep everything in place. As a result, you will feel and look sexy with a waist trainer daily. It will definitely be the perfect solution for good tummy tuck compression garments. 

In addition, some fajas colombianas items in this collection also have the butt-lifting function which allows you to look great in all types of pants. 

Sport Fajas

Sport Fajas collection

In a trendy athleisure-influenced world as today, being sexy while playing sport is also pivotal. Unlike other providers, Sexy FC specializes in fajas colombianas de latex which provides the customer with a sporty look and also comfortable at the same time. 

After Surgery

Last but not least is the after Surgery collection. After surgery, the healing process is really important as it can directly affect your health in the future. That’s why Sexy FC offers numerous types of post-surgery shapewear. 

Regardless of what surgical procedure you have been through, you will find the suitable fajas to ensure that you will have comfortable healing into the shape you want.


In conclusion, shapewear has a significant role in enhancing the beauty and sexy of ladies. Hopefully, this post will provide you the basic information about fajas colombianas and sexyfajascolombianas.com – one of the premiere fajas providers. I’m sure you will have many options to choose from and find the perfect shapewear to buy.

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