This is why I chose a Low Carb Diet

This is why I chose a Low Carb Diet

For the last decade or so, I’ve struggled with my weight. That struggle is still ongoing. I’ve been able to meet most of my goals, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride and I still have a bit to go before I will be happy. Still, I have picked up a few things and wanted to share my journey with you.

The First Steps

I’ve always been a researcher. So when I finally decided that I needed to lose weight, I discounted all the quick and easy diet fads. I wasn’t after a short term thing. I wanted a lifestyle change and I wanted to make sure I can keep doing whatever it was to keep myself healthy and trim. When I started the research, I was flooded with all the information about calorie counting and tracking. That made sense to me. Using up more calories than what I consume, equals weight loss. Fantastic, I thought. I got myself a fitness tracker, calorie counting app and went to town with the calorie counting. Everything I consumed, I documented in the app. I did get little fitter and I did feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day, but I also stressed and more importantly, didn’t lose weight.

Realities of Consumed Calories

I jumped back into the research. The issue, I found, was that because I only focused on ‘low calories’, all I was doing was basically starving myself with poor quality foods that didn’t contain the nutrients and vitamins that I needed. It also meant that I was hungry, cranky and… prone to cheating. So I started to think about the vitamins and nutrients I needed and trying to keep my diet under control. I found a number of diets to help guide me through this, but there was only one diet that actually made sense to me. The Low Carb Diet.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

What is a Low Carb diet? In essence, it’s a simple diet with the goal of reducing carbohydrates from your diet to about 30-40% of the total calories consumed. Given that most of the carbs we can find these days are the refined and processed, like white bread, sugar and pasta, I realized that most of the carbs I had been eating was basically empty calories. Processed carbs have a lot of the vitamins and nutrients taken out of it. So, limiting carbs and focusing on other foods like high protein and healthy fat foods makes sense. Most of the high protein foods I generally eat are chicken, salmon and avocados. They all contain healthy fats, are low in calories and high in nutrients. Fortunately for me, these are also the types of foods that makes me happy. The high protein also helps my muscles recover after the gym sessions! But being on a Low Carb diet doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out carbohydrates. It is about choosing the right types of carbs. So if you need pasta, opt for wholewheat. Eat low carb vegetables like kale and salads instead of potatoes. I mean, there are things you do need to think about, but low carb diets aren’t impossible or super complicated. For me, switching to a low carb diet helped me to actually keep to my calorie counts and lose weight. Low carb diets aren’t only for those wanting weight loss or lifestyle changes. From my research, due to the reduction of refined sugar and refined carbs (which eventually becomes sugar in the body), a low carb diet can actually reduce the chances of developing diabetes and help those with diabetes to control their insulin levels. So if you’ve tried to lose weight and is struggling with your diet, have a look at the low carb diet. I would definitely recommend it.

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